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Car Parking Shades

Are you Looking for a  parking shades supplier or installation services provider in UAE? Then yes we are JBM- Car Parking Shades Our company Provide complete car shades installation manufacturing and fixing services in Dubai Sharjah Umm al Quawain, Ras al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. If you have any inquiry then please contact us

Why car parking shades?

In UAE, Summer is a too hot. So if are you car lover and looking for a Customized Parking Shads Installation Service Provider then JBM Shade company  is good option! Why?

Because, We are ready 24/7 to provide your parking shades installation and fixing services on your doorstep.

In summer if you park your car open area or outside a car parking shade its may dangerous for your car. your car may face it’s bad results. Those people who park their car open area where direct sunlight came the face following problems.

  • Due to Sun light Cracks will come on Car Dashboard
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Car Door Rubber affected by sun
  • Engine overheating

So, We have its permanent solution. JBM is a  Manufacturer and Installation services provider of sun shades in Dubai UAE. 

Low Price Quality Work

Its our surety we provide  Quality Car parking Shade work in low price. We have professional and fully skilled team. They are ready to provide you following services

Roof of the Car Parking Shade

There are three types of roofs for parking shade

  1. PVC Fabric Shade
  2. Aluminum Sheet Shade
  3. Sandwich Panel

In Fabric: There are two types of fabric for covering parking shade roofs one is Net Fabric and the other is PVC.

Famous Types of PVC fabric cover for Car Parking Shade

In shade roofs, cover PVC is the most famous they are also divided into 4 types according to quality and price

  • China PVC  (1year warranty)
  • Korean PVC (8-year warranty)
  • Australian PVC (10-year warranty)
  • German Pvc Car Parking roof cover (15-year warranty)

Most people are used Korean or Australian Quality car parking shade fabric because it’s budget-friendly and Fully waterproof with its Ten-year warranty. Also, It’s our recommendation for the client

So if you want car parking shade cover then contact us

Aluminum Sheet Shade

In the Aluminum Sheet Shade all structures of car parking consist of MS or GI steel only the roof is covered with an aluminum sheet of 0.5 or 0.7. This kind of car parking shade is more expensive compared to PVC car parking shade.


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Prefab Cabin

Swimming pool shade make with Steel fabrication structure cover with net fabric

Pool Shades

Fixing sun shade fabric in a triangular shape resembling a pool fabric

Sun Shades

Tent shop is ready for exhibition


Car Parking Shades Installation Steps

Currently, in the Steel fabrication industry, too many company provide sun shade installation services in uae. But our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the steel fabrication industry.

So that is why our people follow the following shades installation procedure

Sale person: in any industry sales person is backbone of the company. They generate parking shade leads for the company.

Measurement of the work area: Our Shade Engineer takes a fully working site survey and takes a measurement.

Draftsman: We have an expert draftsman team they provide new innovative design. They make a complete plan of your parking shades with reasonable price and sent to you.

Approval: After getting your approval our team manages all material and starts its Car parking shades installation work in Dubai or uae.

Types of Shade

Pyramid Car Parking Shade:

If are you looking for an attractive design shade then the Pyramid type of shade structure is best. Why! because they maintain the shine and glow of your car and are also UV-resistant. Our services are available in one call. if you have any inquiries then approach us.

Cantilever Shade:

Cantilever-type parking shades are widely used because they protect your cars’ glow and glass. Also, the installation of a cantilever-type shade is very easy and it takes less time for installation. The best quality that this type of shade provides you is long-lasting for years. If you need this type of parking shade we will also provide you parking shade installation team at your doorsteps.

Umbrella Shade

Due to many benefits, customers in the UAE like to have Umbrella-type parking shades. The main benefit of such shades is that they will strongly protect your vehicles from UV rays. The design of the Umbrella Type shade is made in such a way that it provide protection to your car from overheating. Due to its Umbrella type design your car will also get protection from rain and wind dust on rainy days. If you have a busy timetable we also provide you these shades installation without wasting your one second after your one phone call.

umbrella parking shades

K Span Parking Shades

There is a specific reason for installing K Span Type shades in your parking areas in the United Arab Emirates. These K Span Type shades can easily bear the maximum wind pressure during a storm. If you living in Such areas of the United Arab Emirates where you frequently face high wind and storms. Then must call us to get K Span Type parking shades.

K span shades in uae

GRP Shade

If you have more than two cars then GRP shade is the best option for you. The best feature of the GRP shape is you can also extend it in the future to get more shade area. There are many companies in the UAE but we are the only one that provides you with the low-cost installation of Parking shade at your location.

Inverted Umbrella

These Inverted car parking shades also protect your car from rain water on rainy days. Because these types of parking shade have a proper water system. Inverted Umbrella Type shades collect all the water of rain at the center of the shade. There is a built in pipe there to collect the water and other dust of the complete shade. Thus your car will be under maximum protection due to the facilities of Inverted Umbrella type parking shades.

inverted umbrella shades uae

New Car Parking Design

Low Cost Simple Car Parking Shed Design

Low Cost Simple Car Parking Shed Design for Home

If you are looking for a lowest cost car parking shed design so then simple design Shade is best option for you these type of shade are budget friendly. The structure of carport is made with MS steel material and roof of the shed cover with PVC waterproof 650 GSM. Which has a warranty of 8years.These shade is available in different color option. 

About Us

J.B.M Car Parking Shades Established in 2018 in Ajman. They Provide Car Parking manufacturing and supplying services in Dubai and Sharjah. Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, Al Ain, and Abu Duabi. We have an experienced team that installs and fixes all types of car parking shades efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The UAE is very hot in summer, and cars have no shade, so they can get damaged.

The standard size of two car parking shade is six by six in that: it is the most common size.

It is AED 3300 including installation and fixing.

Yes, Before Installation of Car Parking Shade Need a Govt. Official Permission in UAE

  1. Durability
  2. Fire Retardant
  3. UV Resistant
  4. Long Life
  5. Aesthetically
  6. Appealing
  7. Customized Sizes and Shades

Tensile shade are very famous and cheap price shade. That type of shade used in Schools, Play Areas, and Factory sites. JBM provides complete Tensile Shade Installation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Al Ain, Fujairah, and Umm al Qawain.

For basic shade we used PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Waterproof material. Within the PVC category, there are various types available. Specifically, for basic design car parking shades, we opt for a high-quality 650 GSM PVC sourced from Korea. This particular PVC comes with a warranty of 8 years, ensuring durability and longevity.

There are two types of steel: GI (Galvanized Iron) and MS (Mild Steel). GI is significantly better than MS steel for car parking shades.GI steel is coated with a layer of zinc, providing added protection against rust and environmental factors, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as parking shade structures.

Yes we provide carport installation services in Abu Dhabi


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About Us

J.B.M Car Parking Shades Are Establish in 2018 We are Manufacturer and Suppliers of the Customized Parking Shade and Pergola In UAE. Our Company also provide all types of Car Parking shade and Pergola Fixing and Installation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi .

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