Customized Pergola Manufacturer in UAE

Are you making plans to install of Pergola shade on your villa or garden area and looking for for Pergola manufacturing company in Dubai UAE? So don’t worry we are a JBM Pergola Manufacturing company we provide shade at factory price to our customers, because we have our own workshop located in Ajman UAE. We have 100+ pergola shade designs in our workshop if you have any inquiry please contact us. 

Types of Pergola(Catagories)

Pergola for Seating Area

Pergola for Seating Area​

The UAE places high value on socializing and community. Pergolas offer a perfect setting for gatherings, celebrations, and cultural events. They create a defined space for people to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Pergola for Car Parking Shade

Pergola parking shade

making a pergola for car parking shade in Dubai is a practical decision driven by the need to protect vehicles from the extreme heat and sunlight, preserving their appearance, performance, and overall value.

Pergola for Seating Area

People make pergolas for garden areas to enhance outdoor enjoyment, provide shade, add aesthetic appeal, support plants, create entertainment spaces, define outdoor rooms, protect from the elements, increase property value, allow design versatility, and foster a connection with nature.

Pergola Types (Material Wise)

If you want to increase the level of beauty in your garden area, or carport area then a modern pergola is the best choice. We make modern pergolas in two types of material 

  • MS Steel Perogle
  • GI Steel Pergola
  • Aluminum Pergola 

About Us

J.B.M Car Parking Shades Are Establish in 2018 We are Manufacturer and Suppliers of the Customized Parking Shade and Pergola In UAE. Our Company also provide all types of Car Parking shade and Pergola Fixing and Installation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi .

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